Thursday, 28 May 2009

Namibian Safari Tours. Adventures in and around Namibia

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Travels in Namibia and South Africa

A short review of our Namibian trip...

Chameleon Guest House, Windhoek * * *
Intersting location, very inernational, very nice guest rooms available

NauaNaua Game Lodge * * * * *
Excellet set-up, highly recommendable. New owner: Stefan & Daniela Kondzilewsky 00264 67 687100 We were the first guests!!Stefan is planning to buy a Cessna Aircraft, allowing him to offer air/safaris out of NauaNaua

Brandberg Rest Camp, Uis * * *
Interesting, historical set-up. We were the only guests that day

Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch * * * *
Exciting place, good kitchen.

Central Lodge, Keetmanshoop * * * *
Nice, well kept location

Ai-Ais Hot Spring Resort ???
Was not open yet. All workers have booked out Terrace Bay Fishing Resort * * * so we left the place as only tents were available. Opening in about 6-8 months. We were asked to drive back to CANYON LODGE * * * * , where we were welcome with drinks and had dinner, and breakfast. Very good service. All charges went to Ai-Ais!!

In south Africa
Daisy Country Lodge, Springbok * * * +
Nice set-up

Hantam Huis, Calvinia * * * +
A great historical place with unique atmosphere, kitchen & restaurant, Golf View B/B,

Laingsburg * * * *
Very nice place, well kept. Great hospitality.
On the way from Springbok to Laingsburg we had a flat tyre. Had to run on "tempa/spare tyre" to Knysna. Our car had not a very common size of tyre (!)

Generally we would recommend for Namibia Tours 4x4 vehicles, we had many critical places to pass with our sedan. We do have to mention however that we had almost every day some rain.
Thank you again for your kind assistance.

Beste regards
Norbert & Elisabeth

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

African Luxury Train Safaris - Possitive comments - October 2008

My first experience of what I call posh food. This was a learning curve.
Leonard Quinn - Crew U.K.
Cape Town to Pretoria Route - 20 to 22 Oct 08

Many thanks for an excellent journey. The staff were fantastic and very helpful. The food was delicious - cant wait to travel with Rovos again.
Christine & Fred Prottey - Wolverhampton U.K.
Cape Town to Pretoria Route - 20 to 22 Oct 08

Food better than Australian Indian Pacific and Canadian Rocky Mountaineer.We consider the standard of service, Ladies and Gentlemen providing service to Ladies and Gentlemen to be among the highest, if not the highest we have encountered anywhere.
Geoff Brown & Gerry Helfrich - North Berracoppin - Australia.
Cape Town to Pretoria Route - 18 to 20 Oct 08

All a wonderful experience. Bar and Waitress staff are terrific. Special thanks to Chef and cooks. They are the true stars on this journey.
Robert and Pamela Gresty - U.S.A.
Cape Town to Pretoria Route - 17 to 19 Oct 08

Excellent selection of food and wine and great service all round.
Ricky and Sheila Vittele - Thousand Oaks Calif. U.S.A.
Cape Town to Pretoria Route - 17 to 19 Oct 08

Overall we have really enjoyed this journey and would recommend it to others.
Musa and Alisha Yusuf - Harare Zimbabwe
Cape Town to George -10 to 11 Oct 08

The dinning cars are superb. Lounge areas very civilized and relaxing. Outstanding food, thank you to all that assisted in making such great meals.
Marc and Jackie Warner - Glenashley R.S.A
Golf Safari Tour (Pretoria, Durban, Pretoria) - 16 to 20 Oct 08

When we returned to the train it was like coming home.The wonderful staff never made you feel that anything was an effort. We have some "new logs to burn one day in our old age memories".
Koos and Linda Jacobs - Bocksburg R.S.A
Golf Safari Tour (Pretoria, Durban, Pretoria) - 16 to 20 Oct 08

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Monday, 29 September 2008

Possitive comments on Kruger-Safaris - September 2008

Jennifer Lane
"Thank you so much! So relaxing, yet so busy and active. Fantastic welcome, food, staff etc. A totally perfect way to end my African adventure! Bertus and Pearl 100 %!!"

Ellen A White
"I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Wish I could stay longer, what a fantastic experience! What an amazing adventure! Thanks Delina, Pearl, Bertus and Thulani for an unforgettable experience!"

Tom Godfrey
"Great food, very friendly hospitality – thanks to a great staff. Great safaris - Bongani a legend"

Tammi Macquine
"WOW - I have had the most amazing time here. You are so very lucky to be able to experience this every day! Thank you for welcoming me so warmly. You are all such beautiful people. I know I am leaving a part of me behind as I have fallen in love with South Africa, especially Balule Plains! I have a favour to ask: Please, please, please, remember each day how lucky you are to be at Tremisana seeing the awesomeness of God’s creation"

Benedicte Westin
"Four Norwegians had the time of our lives!!! Thanks to Delina and her staff. Bertus really did the trick: we changed our flight to stay one more day and Bertus took it home – we’ll be back"
Anna Roche"Peart, Bertus, Delina, Toby - thank you for a wonderful 5 days. We have seen all the animals and learnt a lot. But more than that, we have made some friends and shared lots of experiences, fun, laughter and wisdom. It has been like coming home – and we will be back again"

Peter Collins
"Thanks for the extra couple of kilos gained. Great game viewing. Great time "

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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Possitive comments on Kruger-Safaris - August 2008


Annabel Pacula, 8 August 08
“A great big THANK YOU to all of the staff. I traveled here alone and never once felt lonely. The food, chat and knowledge is amazing. Thank you to all the drivers and guides and to Bertus for his enthusiasm and jokes. Thank you all so much”

The Wilkinsons, 15 August 08
“We had a wonderful time. The staff are all lovely. Pearl is a real pearl! Bertus – your stories and patience are great! I shall have to come back so that Nelly can show us the leopard”

TC and Weilynn Chong, 28 August 08
“Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to make us feel so much at home. We have had a fantastic first impression of Africa and look forward to returning to Tremisana as soon as possible. Take care”

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Kosi Bay - Accommodation was very disappointing

Stay at Kosi Bay in KZN Wildlife chalets June/July 2008. The chalets were OK... but are in desperate need of renovation. It was cold and most of the windows were damaged allowing the cold air into the chalet.

The roof needs to be closed off somewhere at the top as we had squirrels living in the roof who seemed to fight all night. Now I know you are in the bush but when they are in your room at 1am, it's not so nice.

The DSTV did not work as the bill had not been paid. We did not go there to watch TV but let's face it, Kosy Bay in the evening is not exactly vibey, and you can only look at the stars for so long each night. I actually demanded to speak to the person who should have paid the bill. They gave me his contact number and the TV came on for 1 day then was off again. When we booked, we paid for all facilities including DSTV and a chalet that had windows intact.

There was no heater either so we froze to death with lots of blankets.

I should actually demand a refund or a free holiday but I'm sure that will not happen. I'm sorry to say, but when you call the parks board its like talking to a brick wall.

Denny wright

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Friday, 27 June 2008

Unbelievable time on Kruger-Safaris - June 2008


Peter Collins
"Thanks for the extra couple of kilos gained. Great game viewing. We had a great time."

Globe Students Lebanon
"We had a wonderful stay. We saw the Big Five and had a lot of fun at the lodge and on safari. This place became a home away from home. Hope to see you again"

Timothy and Ann Hunt
"Lovely stay and Pearl is an awesome hostess and 'jack of all' ".

Jim & Linda King of Georgia, Dallas:
"My husband and I were there 10-13 May 2008 and had an unbelievable time and want to go back. Pearl is truly a gem and made sure we were always on time for all our adventures. Our guides, Steve and Bertis made sure we had ample opportunities to view the surroundings and see as many of the animals as possible and their knowledge of the plants, animal habits, etc. was truly remarkable. They even kept us safe when, on our 4-hour walking safari, we were "stalked" by a mad elephant - they both kept their cool - which we all appreciated. The day in Kruger Park was more than we ever could have wished for - except it would have been nice if the lions and the leopards woke up!!! We were in South Africa for three weeks and the safari was our final adventure before returning home - we are glad it was, for everything else we did, while exciting and enjoyable, pales in comparison."

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