Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Itala, Hilltop and Sodwana Bay in KwaZulu-Natal

Thank you so much for all your help with our holiday arrangements. It was both a pleasure and very reassuring making all our bookings with you, especially as Madrid is such a long way from South Africa and I had no real understanding of how the National Parks system worked.

  • We had the most wonderful time in all three parks and our chalets were absolutely the best on offer.
  • We had number one in Itala,
  • Fantastic views in Hilltop (Hluhluwe National Park) and
  • Our veranda looked over the sea in Sodwana Bay.
  • It felt as if you know all the camps personally and had hand picked our particular bungalows.

I have passed on details of your website to friends who are thinking of visiting South Africa next year. Personally, I think the website is very good indeed and can't think of how it could be improved. I was also very impressed with the very efficient way your switchboard works.

I would like to thank you and all the staff once more for your help.


J Walter

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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Cape Vidal in KwaZulu-Natal

Last week our family visited Cape Vidal for at least the 7th time and were again impressed with the natural beauty of the place.

We will certainly go there again, though it's at least 8 hours drive from our home.

All the guards and cleaners were exceptionally friendly and helpful.

However, the receptionist at the office wasn't at all friendly: no smile or welcome. We were really disappointed that we could no longer walk (not even with a guide as was previously possible). She could have given an explanation into why it was stopped or volunteered info about the hikes at Mission Rocks.

Unfortunately the maintenance of Cape Vidal has been neglected and I would like to give you feedback on the points I noticed.

The cabins, We stayed in beach log cabin #19:

  • The living area in our cabin was spotlessly clean.
  • The linnen was old but functional.
  • The roof/loft area that housed the geyser was open to the smaller bedroom and had a thick layer of dust.
  • The light fitting in the bathroom was broken, though functional
  • The drain cover outside our chalet was broken - my husband covered it with a brick because the smell was unpleasant at times.
  • The gauze over the air vents high in the wall was broken.
  • There was a lot of rubbish lying in the bushes around the chalet. Probably caused by the monkies, but it could be picked up.
  • There was an old broken cupboard dumped under the chalet.
  • Broken tiles and empty paint cans were also left lying around.

Cape Vidal as a tourist destination:

  • The only permissable walk, to the whale tower, had many signs missing.
  • Some of the steps to the tower were broken - so were the railings. Certainly hazardardous.
  • There was generally a lack of info available: nothing about wildlife in the area or tide tables.

I hope that my feedback will help improve Cape Vidal.

J. Richter

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