Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Kosi Bay - Accommodation was very disappointing

Stay at Kosi Bay in KZN Wildlife chalets June/July 2008. The chalets were OK... but are in desperate need of renovation. It was cold and most of the windows were damaged allowing the cold air into the chalet.

The roof needs to be closed off somewhere at the top as we had squirrels living in the roof who seemed to fight all night. Now I know you are in the bush but when they are in your room at 1am, it's not so nice.

The DSTV did not work as the bill had not been paid. We did not go there to watch TV but let's face it, Kosy Bay in the evening is not exactly vibey, and you can only look at the stars for so long each night. I actually demanded to speak to the person who should have paid the bill. They gave me his contact number and the TV came on for 1 day then was off again. When we booked, we paid for all facilities including DSTV and a chalet that had windows intact.

There was no heater either so we froze to death with lots of blankets.

I should actually demand a refund or a free holiday but I'm sure that will not happen. I'm sorry to say, but when you call the parks board its like talking to a brick wall.

Denny wright

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