Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Excellent hostess, hospitality, food and tourist guides on the Kruger-Safari - April 2008


Rey Taylor
"Excellent hostess, hospitality, food and tourist guides . Loved it here for my nine days"

Glenn Moyle
"An amazing stay. Definitely an unforgettable experience with the safari, food, hospitality and guides. Hope to be back very soon"

Diane Pare
"Thanks for such a wonderful stay ! Everything was super : abundant food, marvelous guides and a wonderful South Africa ! I'm in love and will come back!"

Massimo Dal Corso
"One of the best times of my life ! The hospitality was great, the food excellent and the guides kind and knowledgeable. Great family feeling and rooms always clean. All excellent"

Tom and Margaret Crockford
"A fantastic time - more than we could ever have asked for ! Pearl and the staff made us feel part of the family ! Great food and excellent safaris. Steve and Chantelle were great and their enthusiasm has no bounds. Thanks to everyone."

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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Kruger Park and Bundu Country Lodge

Berg en Dal Camp in the Kruger National Park and Bundu Country Lodge

We had an AMAZING time and I must have looked at my photos a thousand times already.

We loved the Kruger Park, such a magical place and were lucky enough to see all of the Big 5.

Thank you for all your hard work, advice and patience. You certainly saved me a lot of time and stress (As you may well remember, I find booking holidays a very stressful experience!).
It is fair to say that it was one of the best holidays we have ever had - right up there with our honeymoon. We will have to find an excuse to return some day and when we do, I'll be sure you look you up again.

Thank you.
Best wishes

V Westmacott

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Victoria Falls and Chobe Game Lodge

On my way to Victoria Falls British Airways managed to lose one of my bags, it was the one with ALL of my shoes in. The funny thing was - the plane and crew from Cape Town to Johannesburg and then on to Zimbabwe was the same! I could have stayed on board instead of running around in Johannesburg from one terminal to the next. At the moment the airport is a building site, obviously with preparations for 2010.

I arrived in Vic Falls in the afternoon and the first thing I had to do was to buy myself a pair of canvas shoes. Luckily they did have a pair in my size. Not the colour I would have liked but my size.

The Victoria Falls Hotel is very nice, but a bit run down. They do NOT take MasterCard any more, even though they do say so in their brochure. And the MULTIPLE entry into Zimbabwe cost me US$45. Luckily I did remember that I was coming back to catch the plane out. That was cheap - a British citizen has to pay up to 100 pounds. It depended on the person asking for the money and that is per person!

It was a fine morning when I visited the Falls, but BOY, did I get WET. Because of all the rain they had, the Falls were gushing. I was literally drenched to the skin by the time I got back to the Hotel.

I had a meal at night and gave the waiter an 8 million Zim Dollar tip! Have you ever done that?

The Chobe Game Lodge was unbelievable. I got up every morning at 5 to go on the first Game drive. And I saw it all. Elephants, Buffalos, Lions, Hippos, Impalas, Zebras, Antilopes, Baboons, Jackals, the only one we did not see were the Leopard. I even managed to see elephants crossing over to Namibia. I had a wonderful time.



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